Protect your personal information! Use MaskMy.Name WHOIS Privacy to keep your domain registration private.


The registration details used to pay for a domain name, such as home address, telephone number, and email address are made easily accessible to anyone over the internet.

MaskMy.Name WHOIS Privacy helps keep owners of domain names safe from spam and scams — spammers and scammers will only be able to find out that you use MaskMy.Name’s service, not anything else about you. MaskMy.Name will forward any emails sent to “” directly to you.

Unlike some WHOIS privacy providers, it takes more than a strongly worded email or phone call for us to reveal your info — MaskMy.Name will only reveal your name and address if required to comply with a valid court order.

MaskMy.Name also provides bulk pricing and affiliate pricing for domain name professionals.