Protect your personal information! Use MaskMy.Name WHOIS Privacy to keep your domain registration private.

About Us

MaskMy.Name, founded in 2008, is a wholly owned subsidiary of NYISI, a vertically integrated information technology company offering a wide array of information system products and online services.

MaskMy.Name helps domain owners keep their personal information private when registering domain names. Domain owners simply put in MaskMy.Name’s information when registering a domain, and MaskMy.Name will keep the information private from scammers and spammers that harvest public WHOIS data for their nefarious purposes.

Unlike some other domain privacy providers with lax privacy policies, MaskMy.Name offers one of the strictest privacy policies in the industry — we will never reveal your information to anyone, unless absolutely required to do so by law in the course of responding to a valid court order.

MaskMy.Name can help keep your information safe whether you own 1 domain or 100,000. Contact us to learn more about setting up MaskMy.Name on your domain name.